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* last sunday each month - one combined service @ 9:30

Adult Bible Studies

Monday Evening Small Group Study 

(meets on Monday evenings at 7:00 PM in Holy Roast)

Witness - Learning to Share Your Christian Faith by Ron Crandall

“We're all witnesses to something or someone," writes Crandall. "As Christians we're Christ's witnesses. It's our identity, not merely something we do or don't do." Witness guides you to learn more about your faith and to speak invitationally with others about beliefs.  Crandall has outlined a 25-week small group study that focuses on the important parts of faith.  Through Bible study and group interaction, you'll identify your gifts for ministry and learn to witness to others in a natural and effective way. "Witness is the perfect resource to persuade people that witnessing is a personal (and possible!) faith mission.  Using Witness as our sole programming ... helped our members achieve a greater comfort level in faith conversations," writes one pastor.  Embark on a journey where you'll be challenged to discover who you really are, what you believe and what really matters in your life.

Tuesday Morning Small Group Study

 (meets on Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM in Holy Roast)

      Not meeting again until around Lent.

Wednesday Afternoon Small Group Study

 (meets on Wednesday 3:30 PM at Member's Home)

Stories Jesus Told: How to Read A Parable by Greg Carey

Starting January 15 for 6 weeks.

We love stories. That’s why we go to movies, read books, and listen to friends recount an experience. That’s also why teachers use the technique of storytelling to make a difficult concept easier for us to process. Jesus told stories, or parables, for that very reason—and to help us understand how God wants us to live life. Sometimes, however, stories like the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son can be interpreted in more than one way. Even Bible scholars are divided on their meanings.

In Stories Jesus Told, you’ll explore six of Jesus’ parables to learn how to read, interpret, and live them in your daily life. A DVD and Leader Guide are elements you can add to make a lively, six-week group study.