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FUMC Leadership for 2021

Administrative Council
Chairperson:  Bruce Williams 
Secretary:  Kathy Trevino
Lay Leader:  RuthMary Lyons
Lay Member to Annual Conference:  Beverly Williams

Staff-Parish Relations:  Beverly Williams
Board of Trustees:  Kevin Hilmes
Finance:  Don Kautz
Treasurer:  Pat Succo
Audit Committee:  RuthMary Lyons
Christian Education Commission:  Joyce Langham
Membership Activities:  Linda Kautz
Worship Commission:  Linda Kautz / RuthMary Lyons
Local and Global Concerns:  Donni Clark
UMW President:  Raylene Shively
Youth Representative: 
Member at Large: 

Finance Committee:
Chairperson:  Don Kautz
Treasurer:  Pat Succo
Lay Leader:  RuthMary Lyons
Lay Member to Annual Conference:  Beverly Williams

Other Members:  Don Bauer, Sheryl Steel

Ad Council Rep: Bruce Williams
Board of Trustees Rep:  Kevin Hilmes
SPPRC Rep:  Sally Bauer

Bookkeeper: Kathy Trevino

Staff:  Sione Tukutau

Staff Pastor/Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC)
Chairperson:  Bev Williams
Lay Leader:  RuthMary Lyons

Other Members:  Sally Bauer, Gary Bracken, Bill Conklin, Barbara Wolf

Staff:  Sione Tukutau

Board of Trustees
Chairperson:  Kevin Hilmes
Lay Leader:  RuthMary Lyons

Other Members:  Bill Conklin, William Zaggle, John Hull, Richard Hess, Rod Poeschl, Marcia Walters, Mark McLaughlin, Carolyn Tarman

Staff: Sione Tukutu, Kathy Trevino

Committee on Nominations & Leadership Development
Chairperson & Staff:  Sione Tukutau
Lay Leader:  RuthMary Lyons

Other Members:  Mark McLaughlin, Donna Hettinger

Christian Education Commission
Chairperson:  Joyce Langham
Boy Scout Rep:

General Members:  Suzi Jones, Lauri Poeschl, Kim Hilmes, Connie Long, Sue Kubik

Staff:  Sione Tukutau, Nikki Barrios

Evangelism/Membership Caring/Activities Commission (CEMAC)
Chairperson:  Linda Kautz

Other Members:  Maxine Bracken, Donna Hettinger, Melanie Carwin-President, Brenda Grube,  Janice Hayes

Hospitality Committee

Other Members:  Anita Warmbrod,  Joyce Langham, Mary Etta Moore, Carol Walso

Global/Local Concerns Commission
Chairperson:  Donni Clark

Other Members:  Donna Bartlett, Dorothy Benner, Vickie Bottenberg, Maria Conklin, Lee Hewitt, Kim Hilmes, Linda Moody, Laurie Poeschl, Pat Pringle, Angie Rains, Michele Roberts, Marian Ruge, Barbara Shaw, Lynette Wassemiller.

Worship Commission
Chairperson:  Linda Kautz / RuthMary Lyons
Head Usher:  Bruce Williams
Communion Stewards:  Donni Clark
Candles:  Travis Anderson
Decorations:  Elaine Gould
Wedding Coordinator:  RuthMary Lyons
Sound System:  Adam Swenson, Evan Messmer
Praise Team:  Carlos Salazar
Chancel Choir:  Jacob Aychman
Hand Bell Choir:  Connie Long
Pastor:  Sione Tukutau
Director of Family Ministry:  Nikki Barrios