FUMC Leadership for 2019

Administrative Council
Chairperson:  Bruce Williams 
Secretary:  Kathy Trevino
Lay Leader:  Brian Beattie
Lay Members to Annual Conference:  Beverly Williams

Alternate Lay Members to Annual Conference:

Staff-Parish Relations:  Beverly Williams
Board of Trustees:  Bruce Williams
Finance:  Don Kautz
Treasurer:  Pat Succo
Audit Committee:  RuthMary Lyons
Christian Education Commission: 
Membership Activities:  Linda Kautz
Worship Commission:  Linda Kautz
Local and Global Concerns:  Lee Hewitt
UMW President:  Raylene Shively
Youth Representatives: 
Member at-Large:  Martha Bandy

Finance Committee

Chairperson:  Don Kautz
Church Treasurer:  Pat Succo
Lay Leader:  Brian Beattie
2018 Members:  Don Kautz
2019 Members:  Jeff Cozad, Don Bauer
2020 Members:  Ken Weinke, Sheryl Steel

Staff Pastor/Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC)
Chairperson:  Richard Hess
Lay Leader:  Brian Beattie
2018 Members:  Bill Conklin, Richard Hess, Nancy Weber
2019 Members:  Bev Williams, Sally Bauer
2020 Members:  Thompson President, Jeff Cozad, Vicki Bottenberg

Board of Trustees
Chairperson:  Bruce Williams
Lay Leader:  Brian Beattie
2018 Members:  Bruce Williams, Molly Cozad, Brian Beattie
2019 Members:  JP Trevino, Rod Poeschl
2020 Members:  Marcia Walters, Mark McLaughlin
Staff:  Sione Tukutau, Kathy Trevino

Committee on Lay Leadership
Chairperson & Staff:  Sione Tukutau
Lay Leader:  Brian Beattie
2018 Members:  Linda Kautz
2019 Members:  Lisa Koch
2020 Members:  Marcia Walters

Christian Education Commission
Chairperson:  Jennifer Kerr
General Members:  Suzi Jones, Jennifer Kerr, Carol McNulty, Kim Hilmes, Connie Long
Staff:  Sione Tukutau, Nikki Barrios

Evangelism/Membership Caring/Activities Commission
Chairperson:  Linda Kautz
Members:  Maxine Bracken, Donna Hettinger, Anita Warmbrod, Brenda Grube, Pam Austin, Linda Kautz, Janice Hayes, Linda Beattie

Global/Local Concerns Commission
Chairperson:  Lee Hewitt
Members:  Lee Hewitt, Pat Pringle, Barbara Shaw, Donna Bartlett, Dorothy Benner, Kim Hilmes, Donni Clark, Lynette Wassemiller, Angie Rains, Marian Ruge, Suzi Jones

Worship Commission
Chairperson:  Linda Kautz
Head Usher:  Bruce Williams
Communion Stewards:  Lydia Pyle
Candles:  Travis Anderson
Decorations:  Elaine Gould
Wedding Coordinator:  Ruth Mary Lyons
Sound System:  Epeli Tukutau
Praise Team:  JP Trevino
Chancel Choir:  Alise Brown
Hand Bell Choir:  Connie Long
Organist:  Nathan Fry
Pastor:  Sione Tukutau
Member:  Kathy Trevino
Member:  Chris Clark