church Sunday services 10 AM in sanctuary - limited seating

Other gatherings and meetings are gradually restarting.

on facebook: sunday worship service 10 am; devotions wednesday 7 pm & friday 9 am.

The Sewing for Service Quilt Show is a little different this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please let the office know if you are interested in purchasing any of the quilts below: 

Black and White blocks: 76" X 76", beige back. $80 ***SOLD***.

Pink and Purple blocks: 77" X 91", white back. $90.

Red & Green Christmas  51" X 74", red candy cane back $70.*** SOLD***

Purple and Green Masks, 43"X65", striped green and purple back $70

Green Ladder Quilt: 52" X 66", green back $70.

Pink and Lavender Baby Quilt: 32X37, lavender back $35

Purple and Yellow Striped: 46X68, yellow back. $70

Pink Pastel squares baby quilt: 36x41, pink back $35

Rust and White Diamond design: 60X71, rust back. $70  *** SOLD ***

Dark green and yellow Sunflowers: 62X75, dark green back. $70

Yellow Tweety Bird and Duck squares: 45X67, yellow back. $70

Purple Quilt squares: 51x73, purple and white print back. $70

Print flower stripes with pink back. 41x42 $35

Moose on the Loose with brown back. 39x39 $35