United Methodist Women

 Greetings from your Leadership Team. Approximately 17 members met on November 8 to share morning treats with hostesses Bonnie Schoonover, Nancy Robinson, Doreen Smith and Jody Scholfield. We enjoyed very tasty treats and lovely Autumn decorations. Donna Hettinger presented a very interesting program from for World Thank Offering focusing on the story of Ruth. We collected over $200 toward our Thank Offering.      Our participation in the Family Ministries Craft Fair made about $235 income so far.   After our members had a last

opportunity to claim an item from Helen Schump’s estate, we donated the remaining items to the Bargain Box.      December will end our second year as a group without separate circles. We will continue into the new year with a similar format and meeting schedule. There will be some time changes for individual meetings, so be sure to watch for those in the new program books to be published in time for our January meeting.      Our next meeting will be on December 13th at 10:00 am. We will be celebrating the installation of officers with our shepherdess Laurie Kehl and share a program by Dee Kratochvil, “A Christmas Cup of Tea”. Please join us for the Christmas celebration. 

Pennies for Mission 2018

The Leadership team for Greeley United Methodist Women   would like to extend our many thanks and appreciation to all who continue to support our “pennies“ project. We will continue to collect pennies each year until United Methodist Women and Greeley FUMC have celebrated 150 years in service. Our current total for 2018 is $305.85 and the total of giving since we began in 2015 is $1667.14.     

Please continue to look for information on where the “pennies” are working on the United Methodist Women website www.unitedmethodistwomen.org, on Facebook and YouTube as well as in the copies of Response and New World Outlook available with our map display in the hallway showing the home and world sites supported by United Methodist Women.

Our Prayer reminders for December include:

  • Laos:  Seed Project
  • Old Mutare Hospital, ZImbabwe,  UMW

Christmas travelers as well as all those who celebrate Hanukah and Kwanzaa
Raylene Shively, UMW President

Forget-Me-Not Ministry 

The Forget-me-not Ministry was organized to keep in touch with our members who can no longer meet with us regularly.  Volunteers do this by making personal visits, sending cards and or placing a phone call.  We meet monthly  on the first Sunday of every month at 9:15 AM.  Something new this year is “phone-buddy” which is someone who can call and check in on members who are not yet ready to leave their homes and are still able to care for themselves unless something unusual happens. Mary Etta Moore and Raylene Schively head up this ministry.  

Sewing for Service

Thanks to the anonymous donor or donors of the brand new and slightly used flat sheets we found on the stage in Fellowship Hall recently.  WOW!  We are so excited to have more material for the backs of the quilts that we make.  We will have enough to last awhile.  So far this year we have already donated nearly 100 quilts to children in the new Habitat for Humanity homes, Veteran Services, Human Services and Life Stories Child and Family Advocacy (formerly A Kid’s Place). 

During the summer months we will be meeting the third Wednesday afternoon of each month (June 20, July 18, and August 15).  After Labor Day we will start the regular weekly Wednesday get-togethers.  Are you interested or curious about how a quilt is made?  We welcome you to stop by and tie a knot or two – or just watch and then join us for lunch!

Prayer Shawl Ministry

 Do you know someone who could use a shawl, scarf, port pillow, or “comfort” square? A reminder that this ministry is still alive and well. We have a nice choice available including a couple of quilted shawls. Just contact the church office at 353-5522 or Raylene Shively at shivelyray@gmail.com or 576-0868.

If you would like additional information on how to participate in this United Methodist Women ministries please click the link below.