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FUMC Leadership 2024.

Administrative Council
Chairperson/Lay Leader: Joyce Langham
Secretary: Kathy Trevino
Lay Member to Annual Conference: RuthMary Lyons
Staff-Parish Relations: Kevin Hilmes
Board of Trustees: Kent Craven
Treasurer: Pat Succo
Audit Committee: RuthMary Lyons
Christian Education Commission: Connie Long
Membership Activities: Linda Kautz
Worship Commission: Linda Kautz
Local and Global Concerns: Donni Clark
UWIF Contact: Kathy Trevino / Mary Cay Utterback
Youth Representative:
Member at Large: Richard Hess

Finance Committee:
Treasurer: Pat Succo
Lay Leader: Joyce Langham
Lay Member to Annual Conference: RuthMary Lyons

Other Members: Peg Hess, Carolyn Tarman, Bev Williams
Bookkeeper: Mardy Gerwig How do I remove the blank space below?
Board of Trustees Rep: Kent Craven
SPPRC Rep: Kevin Hilmes
Staff: Pastor Al Strauss

Staff Pastor/Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC)
Chairperson: Kevin Hilmes How do I remove the spaces between Chair, Lay Leader and Lay Member?
Lay Leader: Joyce Langham
Lay Member to Annual Conference: RuthMary Lyons
Other Members: David Pringle, Heidi Ziegler, Bruce Williams, Devin Cummins
Staff: Pastor Al Strauss

Board of Trustees
Chairperson: Kent Craven
Lay Leader: Joyce Langham
Other Members: Donni Clark, Mark Glendenning, Marcia Walters, Travis Andersen, William Zaggle, Kathryn Richter
Staff: Pastor Al Strauss, Kathy Trevino

Committee on Nominations & Leadership Development
Chairperson & Staff: Al Strauss
Lay Leader: Joyce Langham
Other Members: Laurie Poeschl, Bev Williams

Christian Education Commission
Chairperson: Connie Long
Boy Scout Rep: Travis Andersen
General Members: Lauri Poeschl, Carol McConnell, Michele Roberts
Staff: Pastor Al Strauss, Nikki Barrios

“The Party People” Comission
Chairperson: Linda Kautz
Other Members: Brenda Grube, Donna Hettinger, Michele Roberts, Rod Poeschl, Kathy Trevino

Global/Local Concerns Commission
Chairperson: Donni Clark

Other Members: Lee Hewitt, Kim Hilmes, Barbara Shaw, Donna Bartlett, Laurie Poeschl, Dorothy Benner, Marian Ruge, Maria Conklin, Linda Moody, Suzi Jones, Michele Roberts, Vickie Bottenberg.

Worship Commission
Chairperson: Linda Kautz / RuthMary Lyons
Head Usher: Bruce Williams
Communion Stewards: Donni Clark
Choir Rep: Bill Conklin
Wedding Coordinator: RuthMary Lyons
Sound System: William Zaggle
Music Coordinator: Travis Kornegay
Pastor: Al Strauss

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