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150th Celebration News

September 2019 – September 2020

We are just beginning a year of celebration for the 150th Anniversary of First United Methodist Church in Greeley. We have been gathering as Methodists since before 1870 when the City of Greeley was founded, and the first church building was built. The members first met with a circuit rider at Island Grove Park to share God’s word and have continued since that time to grow and change, serving our Lord in whatever ways He showed us. We are now meeting in the third building on this same site and even as our membership changes, we continue to follow our leader in whatever he asks as best we can. We began this celebration on Rally Day, September 8th, 2019, and will continue to Rally Day in September, 2020.

 The 150th Celebration Committee, Raylene Shively Co-Chair 

OCTOBER 2019 – We have begun the celebration of our 150th birthday with a special Rally Day that included a visit by Pastor Antes, the circuit rider appointed by the Methodist conference for the Platte Valley. He arrived on his horse and brought news of the day as well as shared in this day of celebration. October will bring more historic information in the bulletin and other places in the church. Watch for the banner, the street sign, and other changes in the display areas of our building. The 4th Sunday of each month will be a combined service at 9:30AM and will feature a historic update.

NOVEMBER 2019 – Thanks for the support all have given to the execution of our celebration so far. November 24 will be a day for sharing not only our annual Thanksgiving Dinner, but a special quilt show to honor the art of making quilts as well as the talents of our ancestors. December will focus on the Crismon Tree, with information on that craft as a tribute to our faith. We will have representation for the Gingerbread competition at the Festival of Trees and another appearance of our Bell ringers.

DECEMBER 2019 – Thanks for the support of our celebration so far. During December we are focusing on the Crismon Tree with information on that craft as a tribute to our faith. This is a tree full of special ornaments that represent symbols of what we believe. We will have representation entered in the Gingerbread competition at the Festival of Trees and another appearance of our Alleluia Bell Ringers that has become a special part of this festival.

 JANUARY 2020 – Congratulations and thanks to Nikki Barrios for her Gingerbread creation representing our church at the Festival of Trees. Thanks to the members who have chosen to share their special Nativity with us until the middle of January. The following month will feature Bibles on display. We will be setting forth the guidelines for these soon. Considerations will be age, size, and condition as an example. Thanks for the support of our celebration so far especially those who shared quilts for the Thanksgiving Display.

FEBRUARY 2020 – Many thanks to those who allowed us to borrow their Nativity sets to display during Christmas for our 150th year. We had a good variety included from small to large, homemade to special treasures such as the Tlingit set and the lovely pewter set. Bibles loaned by our members will be on display until about February 15. Please stop by on any day to see the meaningful assortment. In the month of March, we will be sharing your stories of your experiences in this church. We are requesting anyone who wishes to share any memory or experience please do so. We will share these during March and beyond in a form yet to be determined. Watch for further information on this special project – you can start writing now.

History Sunday February 23 – 2020

As we celebrate our 150th year in this church, many of us are reflecting on the changes that have taken place over time – name changes, mergers with EUB Churches and other “branches” of the Methodist to become United — the most recent merger being with Big Sky to become Mountain Sky Conference.  Through all these changes this congregation continues – continues to celebrate milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, births and deaths of our loved ones. We have moved beyond differences of opinion and through leadership changes with a strong sense of purpose in maintaining this busy congregation. We have established ministries that serve our community as well as our members. We have grown to fill this sanctuary to overflowing and have changed again to a smaller yet strong influence in the community.  As we enter into this Lenten season, let us examine our hearts to determine how to keep this congregation valuable to ourselves, our community and our world. To share with each other and our community the continuing connections that make us a family of the best kind – The Family of God!!!

In continuing our hiStory your 150th committee is asking for your stories that tell of your experiences in the family of First United Methodist Church at 10th and 10th. These will be gathered and assembled into a published form to be shared on April 26th when we celebrate with Bishop Karen Oliveto.

MARCH 2020 – The committee for our 150th Celebration is grateful for all those who are allowing us to share their Bibles. As we approach the Lenten season, we will keep a few on display and add seasonal items as we select them and will welcome a small item that fits this theme such as a special cross or figurine that represents the journey of Christ to the cross.

APRIL 2020 – The committee for our 150th Celebration is continuing with plans for our Bishop’s visit in April.  The ongoing display of Bibles and symbols of Christ’s journey will be updated as we get items. We will also be shifting from Bibles to Crosses throughout the Easter season.  I know that we are not meeting at the Church for services as of this writing, but the display will continue. 

As you may guess, all our plans are subject at this point to a health issue none of us could anticipate. Please keep us in your prayers as we plan and hope for the best.  God willing, we will be able to celebrate with our Bishop, but the faith of our Fathers and Mothers will keep us connected even if the virus keeps us at home.

MAY 2020 – The committee for our 150th Celebration is continuing with projects for history displays using the items we have available in our own history files.  Luella Kinnison and MaryEtta Moore have been working with whatever is available. This project is limited for a time as libraries are currently closed.

Since all gatherings are currently cancelled for a few more weeks, at least, the best we can do is remind you of the possibilities for when we are able to gather once more. We are asking you to do your part by sharing your stories that help the rest of us remember things we may have forgotten. Please see more information in the Special Invitation below.

The special event for April was cancelled due to the virus. We will be contacting Bishop Oliveto about joining us in September, if that is workable for all.  As you may guess, all of our plans are subject at this point to a health issue none of us could anticipate, so please keep us in your prayers as we plan and hope for the best.  God willing, we will be able to celebrate with our Bishop at some time; but the faith of our Fathers and Mothers will keep us connected, even if the virus keeps us at home.

JUNE – 2020  We have recently received information from the Mountain Sky Conference that outlines the procedures for once more having in person gatherings. It looks like a long process, based on many factors that need to be weighed and decided upon before we will be together again, except for the virtual situation we are currently using.   To recall portions of our past, we are asking you to share your stories to be published as soon as we collect enough to represent our congregation. We will share selected stories here as they are received, just so we stay connected and reminded of the shared history of our church family. We thank you for your participation.

JULY & AUGUST 2020 – . Our Ad Council has been meeting to work out the best way to reopen our church for services. We are trusting them to determine the best way for this to happen and keep us as safe as we have been for the 150 years the church has been in service to the community.

SEPTEMBER 2020 –  . Our Ad Council has been meeting weekly to establish the criteria for resuming services which will have started again by the time this newsletter is received. We offer our thanks for all the hard work that they have put into this process.  We have already “rocketed” into the future of the church with our streamed Sunday services and with everyone working to make the future a success we will call our job nearly complete. 

My thanks to all those who have served on this committee and assisted in the celebrations we were able to complete. The events we were able to have were a success because of the members of the committee and the members of this congregation. Please continue your prayers as our messages shift from celebration to items from the history files or stories from our longtime members.

Special Invitation from your 150th Celebration Committee – We are inviting you to share your special memories, best experiences and unique events that you have had since coming to this congregation. We are a group of people who share God’s love in many ways and have experienced many events, groups or individual events over the years that cover the time from yesterday to as far back as you have been a part of this First United Methodist Church located at 10th Street and 10th Avenue. Just write whatever memory you chose and share it with us during the next few weeks. Please send them to Raylene Shively at 1453 40th Avenue, Greeley, 80634, or to the History committee in care of the church at 917 10th Avenue, 80631, They will then be gathered to be published as soon as we are able to get enough for a booklet to be used when we can gather together once more.

We ask for your continued prayers and assistance as we continue to show our faith in supporting this congregation that has served Greeley from the same location for 150 years.

The 150th Celebration Committee, Raylene Shively Co-Chair

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