Sunday, 10 AM Worship Service in the Sanctuary - Also on YouTube and Facebook. Join us as we move into the future with hope and joy.

First United Methodist Church, Greeley

The Body of Christ of First United Methodist Church Greeley is proud to be a part of a history that spans nearly 150 years of serving the Greeley community, and those in need all over the world.  Lives have been touched monetarily, as well as by personally going out where there are families in need.  Methodists all over the world are among the first to arrive after a catastrophic event, and the members of FUMC Greeley spring into action immediately when the need arises. 

Although we have seen three different sanctuaries built on this same site, Christ has remained at the center of it all.  To serve our community has been at the forefront of what we are all about.  Every updated and upgraded sanctuary and building has been designed with serving others in mind.

Members of FUMC Greeley are to be a light to the world, and we look forward to the future members who will continue to bring God’s Word, and His message of love, Jesus Christ, for all!

We welcome you all to join us!

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